Maximizing Your Solar Panel Usage

If you've decided on having solar panels placed on your home, then you will want to get the maximum amount of energy out of your investment. Your solar panel installer will work out all the details on where and how to place your panels to best catch the sun and keep them from being overheated. However, you will also have some control over how much you get out of them on your own. Here are some tips to get the maximum amount of value out of your solar panels.

Keep on eye on your inverter:

Your inverter can tell you when you are getting the most electricity and how much your are getting. Use this information to determine when you should use your most energy-consuming appliances with the free energy your solar panels provide. The people who install your panels should explain how your particular inverter works and where it's located. See if you can get your inverted installed in an accessible place for easy monitoring. If that's not possible, then there are monitoring services and devices which may provide that information for you. 

Install storage batteries:

Have a battery storage system set up to store excess electricity on those sunny days to use when it's cloudy or dark. There are several varieties available with varying costs and recharging efficiency. New technologies are constantly being invented to make these types of batteries even more efficient. You can ask the solar panel installer about these options when you get your panels. If you choose not to install batteries, then you may be able to reduce your power bill by selling your excess electricity back to the grid.

Keep your panels maintained:

One of the easiest things you can do is to keep your panels clean and free of debris which can cause their efficiency to drop. This may also mean keeping on top of tree and bush trimming to reduce shade. Make sure you have damaged or loose panels repaired promptly. There are monitoring systems which can tell you if a particular panel is not working efficiently. Many work right over the internet and even give you a heads up about weather conditions which could impact your electricity levels.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your electrical costs, help the environment and raise the value of your home. If you use the system wisely, you can save a lot of money and reduce the strain on your local electrical grid. If you have any questions about inverters, batteries, or monitors, you can bring them up when you have your solar panel system professionally installed.