The Complete Solar Electricity System Design To Free Yourself From Power Company Tethers

You may be one of the many homeowners that are tethered to the power company. When you rely on the utility company, you are subject to paying outrageous electricity rates. Therefore, it may be time for a revolution of your own with a solar electricity system. Where do you start, and what type of solar energy equipment are you going to need? The following solar electricity system design will give you the power to free yourself from the tethers of the power company:

The Type of Panels that Will Power Your Home

The number and type of panels you install on your home is important. You want to have panels that are efficient, affordable, and reliable. Some things to consider when choosing the panels and equipment for your solar electricity system include:

  • Use more efficient monocrystalline
  • Calculate the Kilowatts your home needs
  • Invest in a dual-axis rack system to improve power production

These are the things you will want to consider when choosing solar panels for your home. If you want your system to be more reliable and efficient, monocrystalline panels are the best choice.

The Converters That Provide Electrical Current

The converters are another option to consider for the design of your energy system. These converters are what provide your home with the AC electrical current. In the past, the units used with solar panels were single converters. Today, the performance of your solar panels can be improved with micro converter technology. These are converters that convert DC electricity to AC current at the panels. The micro converters improve the reliability and performance of your solar panel installation.

The Battery Bank Design That Stores Energy

The battery bank is one of the most important aspects of a solar energy system. These are the solar energy storage systems that power you home when panels can't. There are several options for the design of solar battery banks, which include:

  • Using batteries designed for renewable energy systems
  • Installing a controller that monitors battery and panel performance
  • Use modular battery designs with built-in monitoring systems
  • Add switches that connect your energy system to the power grid

These are options that you will want to consider for the design of your battery bank. Today, there are batteries that are specifically designed to improve the performance and safety of solar panels

The Controllers That Manage The Charging and More

The controllers are one of the most important aspects of a solar electricity system. This equipment is what prevents batteries from being overcharged and overheating. It is also the system that has the switch to tie to the grid. The grid switch allows your system to draw energy from the grid or sell extra energy back to the power company.

These are things that can be done to free yourself from the tethers of the power company. Contact a solar electricity service and talk to them about installing panels and equipment to get energy independence for your home.