2 Powerful Ways That LED High Bay Lights Help Companies Save On Energy Costs

Lighting is an often overlooked yet extremely important aspect of any commercial venue. Lighting can impact productivity, safety, accessibility, and more. Crucially, many companies turn towards efficient lighting systems not only for these advantages but for the sake of their budget as well. For these reasons, LED high bay lighting has emerged as the lighting of choice in environments such as warehouses, where the ceiling height exceeds 15 feet. In such environments, your company can take advantage of advanced lighting options to cut energy expenses.

Here are two powerful ways that LED high bay lights can help companies save on energy costs.

1. They Are More Energy-Efficient Than Traditional Bulbs

Traditional HID high bay lights are woefully energy inefficient, despite being widely used in warehouses, factories, gyms, and more. Wattages for HID lamps tend to range from 175 watts to 1,000 watts. Fortunately, LED high bay lights of similar quality can operate at a range of 95 watts to 495 watts, representing an increase in energy efficiency of roughly 50% on average.

This efficiency increase means that LED high bay lights can produce the same amount of lumens as HID high bay lights at half the cost. Depending on the exact lighting systems being compared, LED high bay lighting can generate an 80% reduction in lighting energy costs relative to traditional HID high bay lighting. The resulting savings could have a significant impact on a company's bottom line. For that reason alone, LED high bay lights function as an effective tool for helping companies cut their energy expenses. However, there is another advantage that enables the energy efficiency of LED high bay lighting to shine.

2. They Last Longer Than Traditional Bulbs

Traditional HID high bay lights last an average of roughly 5,000 hours. While this may have traditionally been acceptable, the rise of alternative lighting solutions has rendered this limited lifespan obsolete. Fortunately, LED high bay lighting systems last ten times longer, for an average of 50,000 hours. This extreme disparity in product lifespan means that companies that use LED high bay lights will spend only a fraction of the time finding and replacing broken lights that companies with HID high bay lighting would. Due to this longevity, a company that uses LED high bay lighting will have prolonged access to this energy-efficient lighting solution, compounding its cost-saving advantages.

Traditional lighting systems are compromising companies' energy efficiency and their budget. Fortunately, LED high bay lighting systems are available to ensure that companies can maximize lighting functionality while minimizing energy costs!