Diagnosing And Replacing The Gas Water Heater In Your Home

Hot water is essential in your home, so if the gas water heater is not providing the amount of water you need or is no longer producing hot water, you may need to have a plumber service the unit. Gas water heaters are not overly complicated, and many times, minor adjustments and repairs are all that is necessary to get yours running. 

Water Heater Service

There are many reasons a gas water heater can stop working, and sometimes the components like the burner, controller, or gas valve are at fault. Determining what is wrong is the first step in water heater repair, but with gas units, a qualified technician or plumber must go over the components carefully. 

Gas appliances run the risk of gas valve issues or leaks that can allow natural gas or propane to leak into the area around the unit, so precautions must be taken before any work begins. Purging the fuel line, venting the space, and checking for existing gas is crucial, and the repair service coming to your home will have the tools and equipment to ensure that happens.

Once the area is safe to work in, the plumber or service tech can check the gas water heater parts and try and assess where the problem lies. The gas valve that turns the fuel off and on may be failing, the burner can start to wear out, or the controller that tells the rest of the system when to turn on and off could malfunction and stop the entire system from working correctly. 

Repair Or Replacement

When a gas water heater begins to malfunction, it is essential to have a tech or plumber evaluate the overall condition of the unit before putting a lot of money into making repairs. Replacement gas water heaters are often less expensive if you have an older water heater in your home that needs a lot of work. 

The time spent installing a replacement water heater also needs consideration, especially if you have no hot water and will be waiting longer for the repairs. Older water heaters may require you to find the parts to make repairs, but replacement gas water heaters are up to date, so if you need service or repairs later, it is often simpler to get parts when necessary. 

Each situation is different, so talk with the technician or plumber working on your gas water heater to determine the best action for your situation. If the tank is leaking or an essential part is needed and hard to find, the decision may be simple. However, it is vital that you are well informed and can make the decision with all the available facts.  

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